Housing Law Guides

Do you need help with housing problems in Virginia? These free legal help guides can help with problems like:

Use these free legal help guides from Virginia legal aid groups.

Eviction Help Guide

Are you a renter in Virginia facing eviction from your home? This guide can help you navigate the eviction process.

Every tenant has the legal right to remain in their rental housing unless and until the landlord follows the legal process for eviction.

A landlord cannot make you leave your home until they have gone to court, filed and won a lawsuit, and gotten a formal eviction order from the court.

If they try to make you leave your home without this court order, it is illegal.

Security Deposit Return Guide

Are you a renter in Virginia who is trying to get their security deposit returned from a landlord? Use this guide.

A security deposit is money you pay to your landlord when you are moving into your new home. This guide can help you figure out:

  • How much can a landlord charge for a security deposit?
  • How do I get my deposit back from my landlord?
  • What can a landlord do with my security deposit?

Living Conditions & Repairs Guide

Are you a renter in Virginia who has problems with your home?

Do you have mold, pests, broken appliances, or utility issues?

Find out your rights to get your home repaired by your landlord.

Tenants in Virginia have the right to live in a 'habitable' home, that is safe and clean.

If you are having issues with your rental living conditions, or getting your landlord to make repairs, use this guide to get the problems fixed.

Lock-outs Guide

Have you been locked out of your rental home in Virginia?

Follow this guide to get back into your home legally.

Some renters may have problems with being locked out of their home. Your landlord is not allowed to change locks, plug the keyhole, or block the entrance to your property.

They can only force you to leave if they have an official court order for eviction.

Use this guide to learn how to legally respond to a lock-out from your home.

Foreclosure Guide

Are you a homeowner in Virginia who is faced with possibly losing your house to foreclosure?

When you borrow money to buy a house or land, the creditor usually takes a security interest in the property.

If you don’t pay, the creditor can foreclose upon (or take back) that property. However, you have legal rights that may protect you. 

Use this free Foreclosure and Mortgage legal aid guide to know what to expect, and what your rights are.