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These free Virginia legal guides provide step-by-step help on dealing with common legal problems.

Use the guides to understand what your options are. Also see what you need to do to solve your problem.

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Family problem legal guides

Are you dealing with a family issue like divorce, custody, support, separation, or domestic violence? These guides can help.

Divorce & Support

Are you ending your marriage or partnership in Virginia?

Use this guide to explore your options for divorce, separation, spousal support, and child support.

Protective Orders

Are you facing physical or emotional abuse by someone you know? Are you dealing with workplace harassment or other threats?

Find what options you have to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Custody & Visitation

Are you trying to establish who can visit your children, and where they live? And who can make decisions about their schooling, finances, and other life choices?

Use this guide to understand your options around custody and visitation in Virginia.

Housing problem legal guides

Do you need help with housing problems in Virginia? These free legal help guides can help with problems when you are a renter or a homeowner.

Eviction from home

Are you a renter in Virginia facing eviction from your home? This guide can help you navigate the eviction process.

Lockouts from Rental

Have you been locked out of your rental home in Virginia?

Follow this guide to get back into your home legally.

Security Deposit

Are you a renter in Virginia who is trying to get their security deposit returned from a landlord? Use this guide.

Foreclosure from Home

Are you a homeowner in Virginia who is faced with possibly losing your house to foreclosure?

Living Conditions & Repairs

Are you a renter in Virginia dealing with mold, pests, broken appliances, or utility issues?

Find out your rights to get your home repaired by your landlord.

Money problem legal guides

Do you have issues with debt, wage garnishment, repossession, bankruptcy, or other financial problems? Explore these free Virginia legal help guides.

Collecting Wages

Do you need to get a paycheck or wages that you're owed? Use this guide to find options about how to get payment that an employer hasn't given you.

Getting Sued for Money

Are you getting sued by a person or a business for money? Use this guide to money lawsuits in Virginia.

Wage Garnishment

Are you losing part of your paycheck to wage garnishment?

Use this guide to understand what is happening and what you can do next.

Car Accident Lawsuit

What can you do if a person sues you for a car accident? Use this guide to understand your options about insurance, the lawsuit, injuries, and other problems.

Repossession of Property

Is a lender trying to take property away from you? Like cars, electronics, or other personal property?

Use this guide to deal with debt, default, and repossession?

Other legal problem guides

Do you have other problems that you need help with? Use these guides, especially around re-entry, criminal records, and driver's licenses.

Criminal Records

Do you have a criminal record because of past charges or identity theft? This guide can help you with expungement.

Driver's Licenses

Have you had your driver's license suspended because of past offenses, DUIs, or child support? This guide can help you to restore your license.

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Find a Private Lawyer: To connect with a private lawyer, call Virginia Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-552-7977 or go to their website at Some lawyers charge $35.00 for an initial interview. 

Contact Legal Aid: You can call the Virginia Legal Aid Hotline 1-866-LEGLAID (1-866-534-5243). This will help you find your local free legal aid group.

If you are in Northern Virginia, seek help from the legal aid group Legal Services of Northern Virginia, visit or call (703) 778-6800.

If you are not in Northern Virginia, or need to find other groups, you can find a list of Virginia legal aid and help groups here, for more legal and financial assistance.

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